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When it comes to home building or renovation, you want the right team of professionals on your side. At Shade Set Shutters, your Houston window and door professionals, you’ll work with a team that you can trust. We are an experienced window and door company and can provide many different services when it comes to installing window covers. Get the most premium quality blinds in Houston, has to offer with the professionalism and customer service to match.

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Indoor Sitting Area Premium Window Shutters

Houston Blinds

Stunning Blind Options for Your Home

While it may seem like a small decision, blinds and other types of window coverings can truly pull a room together. If you have a desired look in mind for your home, then blinds are an essential to complete the look! With our array of options, the possibilities for your home are truly endless.

Shop our collection of blinds based on what you like: real wood blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, fabric blinds, vertical blinds, and even gliding panel blinds. You can also shop by the amount of light filtered or even blackout linings, if that’s what you prefer. Combine horizontal blinds with beautiful draperies or other types of window coverings to complete the look

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds in Houston are extremely popular today. These types of blinds can be customized based on your desired wood grain and color. Our company prioritizes sourcing of our woods from renewable resources and crafting in the USA to positively impact the environment and the economy. Each set of blinds is custom cut based on the exact measurements of the windows in your home.

Customized for Your Home

At Shade Set Shutters, we strive to have a wide variety of options in varying price ranges. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we have you covered. Our real wood blinds are made in different sizes, stains, and paint colors for you to choose from based on your desired look. Custom color matching options are also available for matching to your other windows, trim, or decor.

Premium Design Options

Many people choose to invest in real wood blinds because they truly never go out of style. They are great for controlling the amount of light and privacy for each room. As a part of our premium design line, you can choose from various operating systems. These systems include different cord lock mechanisms, cordless options for child safety, or even motorized options for simplicity and ease. Our premium design options partner well with custom draperies to achieve a layered effect.

Faux Wood Blinds

If you’re looking for a more economical alternative to real wood blinds, then faux wood blinds are the way to go. You can still have the realistic grain patterns of real wood that you love! Our faux wood blinds are designed to withstand elements of sunlight, humidity, heat, moisture, and more. You’ll find our faux wood blinds will stand the test of time.

Available Options to Choose From

As with our other blind selections, we have many options available in our faux wood blind collection. You can choose from various different stains or paint colors as well as sizes. Achieve the functionality and grain appearance of real wood blinds with a more sustainable material that will long outlast many others.

This type of blind is great for achieving your desired look while having the same option of easily tilting slats for optimal light adjustment. Even better, some faux blind options are child-safe, and they have cordless operation lift systems. You can also purchase motorized options, as well. Not only are they child-safe, but they’re also easy to clean – dust, grease from the kitchen, and even little hands can’t compete with the convenience of these blinds.

Metal Blinds

Are you looking for a more sleek and modern look? We have aluminum blind options available that are the perfect combination of modern aesthetics and the longevity you hope for from blinds. These are an option of blinds in Houston that are gaining popularity.

You can find these metal blinds available in matte, metallic, pearlescent, and more. They make a great compliment to traditional, mid-century, and contemporary interior design. Each set is coated with a finish that repels dust, so you can worry about cleaning them less. When you do need to clean them, it’s extremely easy to do so. These blinds are long-lasting and versatile!

While these blinds come in different color options, you can also choose your slat sizes. Sizes range from ½” mini blinds all the way to 2”, depending on what look you’re trying to achieve. These blinds can be operated by standard cord lock, touch-to-lift system, or motorization.

Various Style Options

No matter the aesthetic you have chosen for your home, you can find vertical blinds to compliment. Style options for these blinds include soft drapery fabrics, real hardwood, aluminum, long-lasting vinyl, and more. We also have a variety of colors, patterns, styles, and more.
Indoor Sitting Area Premium Window Shutters

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With our simplified process, you’ll find choosing the perfect blinds for your home is a breeze. You’ll begin with choosing your desired style or system, and your home will be complete with final installation from our team of professionals. Here’s a look inside of our process: 

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