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Indoor Sitting Area Premium Window Shutters

Transform Your Home with Premium Shutters in Houston

Achieve a modern or traditional style with interior and exterior options

No matter the style that you’re going for, there’s no doubt that shutters can transform the look of your home. Shutters can be used as an element for interior design, add an extra pop of color on your home’s exterior, or can also be used to enclose an outdoor sitting area. As one of the top companies for supplying and installing Shutters in Houston , Shade Set Shutters has many options for you to choose from.
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Indoor Sitting Area Premium Window Shutters

Shutter Options for Your Home

Our mission is to exceed your expectations when it comes to transforming your home. Whether you’re a homeowner, designer, or builder, creating an atmosphere you never want to leave is crucial. Because our team at Shade Set Shutters strives to provide nothing but the best, we’ve extended our options of premium quality shutters. No matter the style you’re going for, you’ll find what you love in our selection. Shop solid wood, composite wood, aluminum shutters, and more!

Indoor Plantation Shutters

In Houston, plantation shutters are one of the most popular elements in interior home design. These shutters are used to achieve both modern and traditional styles, and they truly never go out of style. The addition of Houston, plantation shutters is considered architectural, so it will also increase the value of your home. These shutters are chosen not only based on their aesthetic appearance, but also for their ability of precise light control. No matter the time of day, you’ll be able to achieve your preferred level of lighting and privacy. If you’re looking for complete privacy, you can achieve this when completely closing these shutters.

Customized for Your Home

At Shade Set Shutters, we strive to have a wide variety of options in varying price ranges. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we have you covered. We have plantation shutters available in many different colors of paint or stain, and we can also custom color-match to your desired color. We make seamless interior design a breeze by matching your shutters to window trim, cabinets, or any other decor elements you’d like.

Premium Design Options

Along with a variety of options for color, you also have options of sizing. These shutters are available with traditional or hidden tilt rods and can be customized to your window size. We also have shutters available for specialty windows, which includes arched or angled types of windows, doors, and more. If you have a window or door that you’d like shutters for in your home, then we can customize the fit just for you.

Home Exterior Shutters

If you’re looking to achieve an inviting feeling for your home, then it starts with how it looks on the outside. Adding exterior shutters is an exceptional way to add style and character, no matter the desired aesthetic. You can achieve a traditional style or even add bold pops of color to naturally draw the eye.

With our shutters being made-to-order based on your desired measurements, you can add charm to your home while receiving exactly what you’re looking for. Do you have curved or other types of specialty windows? No problem! We can customize and install your shutters on your home’s exterior no matter the style.

Available Options to Choose From

As with our other types of shutters, we have a wide selection available to choose from. If you’re looking to achieve a traditional exterior shutter look, then we have solid wood shutters available. Our shutters are naturally long-lasting and resistant to common elements of wear such as decay, weather, and insects. 

We also have composite wood exterior shutters that will truly stand the test of time. We’ve designed these shutters to be durable and long-lasting, and they can be used on your home or commercial buildings, too. As with all of our other options, these shutters are available for customization so that you can achieve your desired aesthetic while receiving a quality product.

Outdoor Sitting Area Shutters

Along with our installation service of indoor and outdoor  Shutters in Houston and the surrounding area, our team of window experts can also install outdoor living area shutters. These types of shutters can be used to enclose outdoor living or sitting spaces, create a wall with operable louvers, and or just to add some privacy and weather protection elements to your space. Our outdoor living shutters are also available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from. Customize your shutters based on your space and desired look.
Indoor Sitting Area Premium Window Shutters

Get Started Today

With our simplified process, you’ll find choosing the perfect shutters for your home is a breeze. You’ll begin with choosing your desired interior or exterior shade solution, and your home will be complete with final installation from our team of professionals. Here’s how the process goes: 

  1. Choose your interior or exterior shade solution 
  2. Receive a quote 
  3. In-depth consultation and measuring 
  4. Manufacturing and customization
  5. Professional installation 
To begin your process of your home design transformation, contact us below. Our professional design and installation team will assist you every step of the way.