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5 Window Shade Options for Homeowners in Houston


The days are getting longer and the temperatures are starting to rise. As we transition from winter to spring, Houston homeowners are thinking of ways to keep their properties nice and cool.

Window shades allow you to bring in natural light or shade as you desire, combining form and function for a beautiful look.

Not sure which ones are right for your home? Today, we’re sharing five of the most popular window shade options and what makes each one unique.

1. Roller Shades

If you’re looking for shades for your home, you may prefer to start with roller shades. They work as their name implies, rolling up or down to deliver just the right amount of light.

There are lots of different styles to choose from, and you can even customize the material you want. Some of the top choices include:

  • Sheer
  • Blackout
  • Light-filtering

In addition, you can also select the operating mode you prefer. We offer both manual and motorized roller shades, and both are simple to clean and use. If you have pets or small children, you may also be interested in our cordless control options!

To help narrow down your selection, think about where you intend to place your roller shades. In a nursery or child’s room, you may prefer the privacy and darkness that cordless, blackout shades can provide. In your kitchen, the airy look of a sheer or light-filtering shade might be more your preference.

2. Solar Shades

If you live in Houston, you know that the region sees its fair share of sunny days! In fact, this report shows there are around 204 bright and clear days in this city!

While you may love the warmth that the sun provides, you don’t exactly want it bleaching your furniture and fading your area rugs. This is where solar shades come in handy.

These customizable shades protect your interior from the sun’s harsh rays, in a stylish and trendy way that adds to your home’s appeal. They feature light-diffusing properties plus excellent UV protection without shrouding your home in darkness.

The best thing about solar shades is that you can still enjoy a great view of the outdoors when you install them. However, you’ll feel the difference when sunlight isn’t pouring into your home around the clock.

Your home will stay cooler, which means your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard. That can help you save money on your monthly energy costs, especially during the hottest parts of the year!

3. Roman Shades

Roman shades are some of the most on-trend and timeless window treatments. There’s a reason you’re seeing them all over Houston!

These shades work with any style of architecture, offering a classic spin on traditional draperies. They feature a pleated fabric of your choice, which you can easily raise or lower depending on your light and privacy preferences.

Like most of our shades, you’ll have your choice of style and operation. Style-wise, you can choose from fabrics that range from light-filtering to blackout. For the operation, we offer both manual and motorized designs.

If you love the look of draperies but prefer something more streamlined and easier to adjust, Roman shades offer the best of all worlds! Choose a fabric to complement each room in your home, and notice how they instantly freshen up and revive the space.

4. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades consist of several layers of fabric, all bonded together. This creates a honeycomb-shaped design that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

Within each layer of fabric, a small amount of air is trapped. This keeps the shade lightweight yet dense, which optimizes energy efficiency throughout your home. To amplify this protection, you can choose shades that feature extra layers of cells.

If style and aesthetics are more of a focus, you can take your pick from many different pleat sizes. No matter which choice you choose, cellular shades do a great job of both dressing up your windows and insulating them from the outside.

These shades are available in many different colors and textures. Houston homeowners who embrace a minimalistic style may prefer our neutral options while others might be drawn toward our bright, bold patterns. You can also choose between light-filtering or room-darkening shades.

No matter which interior style you select, most cellular shades feature a white, street-facing side. This way, everything will look seamless and uniform from the curb!

5. Woven Shades

There’s something special about woven shades that instantly beautifies your windows. These shades have a rustic yet refined appeal, delivering that perfect vintage-inspired, modern farmhouse look that’s always been popular.

Pull them down when you want a little more privacy, or raise them to bring the Houston sun inside. These look great on their own but can also be paired with corresponding draperies for a more finished look. Simple white curtains offset the darker tones of woven shades gorgeously!

Woven shades are also a great way to pay homage to the ethereal beauty of your Texas surroundings. Regardless of whether you choose a light-colored or dark material, they bring to mind the natural landscape we’re lucky enough to call home.

Browse Our Window Shade Options

As you can see, there are lots of window shade options to choose from when you’re ready to decorate your Houston home!

The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this decision on your own. At Shade Set Shutters, we’ll walk you through each step of the selection process.

Once you choose the type of shades you prefer, we’ll provide you with a quote. We’ll help you fine-tune the details by offering in-depth consultation and measuring services. Once the shades are manufactured and customized to your exact specifications, we’ll also professionally install them!

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more!

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